Who are we?

ItsRecords518 is a dynamic and innovative music label and entertainment company dedicated to discovering and promoting emerging talent in the music industry. Established in 20XX, ItsRecords518 has rapidly grown into a recognized brand known for its commitment to nurturing artists, creating exceptional music, and delivering unparalleled entertainment experiences to audiences worldwide. 

our mission

At ItsRecords518, our mission is to be a catalyst for the success of talented musicians by providing them with the resources, guidance, and exposure they need to flourish in the competitive music landscape. We aim to curate a diverse and exciting roster of artists from various genres and empower them to reach their fullest potential. 


core values


ItsRecords518 envisions becoming a globally recognized entertainment powerhouse, known for launching the careers of legendary musicians and consistently delivering top-quality music and entertainment experiences. We aim to inspire audiences worldwide, revolutionize the music industry, and be a positive influence on the lives of both artists and music enthusiasts. 

our founders

Nuke and Fos met during a recording session at fos' home studio in 2020. Over a few sessions time they realized they shared many of the same common values and had similar "not-so-smooth" backgrounds. Though both are too familiar with adversity and troubling circumstance they are two of the most optimistic and helpful people in the 518. 

itsRecords518 was created when they realized their intentions both match so perfectly. "its" is the gateway or vehicle by which they take control of their positioning and create a better future for themselves, their children and their community. Spreading positivity is one of their core values. Fos may make some songs with ignorant lyrics about drugs or violence on occasion but neither of them partake in any of those behaviors they remain careful to make sure overall they are helping more than they are damaging or taking in all aspects of life.

"its "aims to set a good example and hopefully build something that helps or inspires many.. especially our children and community

we are always looking to involve others who share our values in our journey.

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